ACTION 2. Collecting and managing catch data and abundancy evolution of anadromous fish in Portugal.

The lack of information that supports fishery resource management is recognized worldwide as the most conditioning factor to properly manage fisheries. Independent data from officially declared landings is almost absent for most target species. This unfortunate standard of scientific information is exacerbated by a relevant gap between real catches and the ones reported on official data from fishery statistics. The problem worsens when high valued species are easily flowing into the market. Despite its high commercial value, anadromous species also have high conservational value. The intent is to counteract this counter information since better knowledge leads to better management and better stock conditions.

The main goal of this action is to create a data collection methodology that counteracts the often-unreported data from official landings of these species, while larvae and juvenile abundancies are estimated, in order to assess recruitment, while also simultaneously evaluating bycatch from artisanal fisheries.

There are three necessary tasks to achieve this goal: T2.1. Abundancy evaluation of the anadromous species by surveying the fishing community; T2.2. Recruitment evaluation at the main national basins through electric fishing techniques; T2.3. Characterization of the fishing activities that bycatch anadromous species while targeting other species, by placement of fishing observers on board of this fleet segment.